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Why Setting Boundaries Will Make You A Better Business Owner

Why Setting Boundaries Will Make You A Better Business Owner

Learning how to set productive boundaries has been a work in progress. Most entrepreneurs struggle with a work-life balance because their work is their life, and their life is their work! Setting your schedule can have its pros and cons. In this week’s female founder series, Michelle Hanna & Liz Choi, founders of the full service wedding and event company Love Wildly Co, shared that to grow the business, they had to say no. These two powerhouse women shared that besides self-care, they learned that saying no or putting a ceiling on the amount of work that they received gave them extra time to recharge and connect with their families! Setting boundaries will make you a better business owner and help you more in control of your time.

Why Mistakes Are Your Best Teachers

Why Mistakes Are Your Best Teachers

Being a new business owner is no small feat. Especially if you're working alone. Trusting that you're making the right decision without validation can be challenging, but to move forward, you gotta take action and hope for the best. That's precisely the mindset that business owner Breana Thomas founder of Nutrivenience shared about her experience being an entrepreneur. She mentions that she's had to learn how to make decisions herself, trust herself, and learn along the way.

Why Consistency is the Most Important Discipline to Have

Why Consistency is the Most Important Discipline to Have

Wake up. Kick Butt. Repeat. There is NO easy way to grow a business. All you can do is work hard, do your best, ask for help, and do it again tomorrow. Consistency is the most important factor in growing your business. Genie Reese of Red Aspen not only has the work ethic but the spirit to keep momentum and energy up while growing her business with her co-founders.

The Importance of Living In The Grey

The Importance of Living In The Grey

All or nothing thinking is problematic for so many reasons, one of them being it creates almost impossible expectations of one's self. It demands perfection. Marissa Rose Nash knows exactly how this type of thinking can stop us from getting to where we want to go- not only does she work with women with these limiting beliefs but she experiences them herself.

3 Reasons Why You Should Allow Yourself To Be A Beginner

3 Reasons Why You Should Allow Yourself To Be A Beginner

Being a beginner is hard. Especially when we feel like we should have things figured out already. Here are 3 reasons why allowing yourself to be a beginner is essential to scale your business.

What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up?

What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up?

We often start developing interests and passions as children. Sometimes these things get lost and shelved away as we become adults. Carolyn Pascual White shares how her childhood upbringing influenced her career choices today. She also shares her best organizational tips and advice to female entrepreneurs today!

Amazing Things Happen When You Stop Caring What People Think

Amazing Things Happen When You Stop Caring What People Think

When we live in a world that is painstakingly public it can be hard to make change or try something new. We are often afraid what our peers will think of our ideas, growth, or roles that we have adopted. The truth is? No one cares. And when you let go of caring what people think? Well, Shauna Parisi can tell you that AMAZING things happen!

The Best Leaders Rise By Lifting Others Up

The Best Leaders Rise By Lifting Others Up

There is absolutely no way to grow a business without a team. As a solo-preneur you’re often running your marketing department, social media, invoicing, getting coffee, and everything in between. Ashley shares how beneficial it has been in hiring the right people and putting time and energy into training them both to help scale the business but also because it makes her feel so damn good!

The Power of Patience

The Power of Patience

Can you think back on a time that you said something without really listening to what the person was saying? Or what about launching a program or offer from your business only to realize you weren't ready to manage it or scale it? Or rushed through an Instagram post just to get content out there? Have you ever bought a piece of home decor just to have something rather than waiting for the thing you REALLY wanted? I've been all of the above. I've spoken thoughtlessly, launched too quickly, bought way too many fake plants, posted, edited, reposted, and then deleted because I moved too quickly. Something I've been working on in my own life is slowing down before making decisions. It seems as if learning patience is a common theme for most entrepreneurs as Allison Katz of Gift Spawt explains that it took time to understand how to even get started as a business owner and then to officially launch their brand.

Did you know that having an attitude of gratitude can help you live your best life?

Did you know that having an attitude of gratitude can help you live your best life?

Your business mindset is the most important aspect of your business. Beth Devine describes her business relationship in life, clients, and how she took a leap of faith from corporate into her own marketing company.

How surrounding yourself with like-minded people can boost your confidence!


Imagine my absolute delight in getting to interview Christina Conlon. Christina is the upbeat, joyful gal behind the creation of DailyBarker. When she’s not pouring her heart into this community, you can find her traveling with her entrepreneur husband, training their new Golden Retriever puppy Nash, or having coffee with friends. Christina currently lives in Nashville, TN with her husband and pup.

It was such an honor collaborating with Christina. Not only did I get to virtually meet the sweetest girl I also pushed myself outside my comfort zone. I was intimidated by her account since she has such a massive following that I was a bit anxious and concerned she would’t be interested. (Don’t worry- I’m working currently on this worthiness problem). Christina inspired me because she was doing a lot of the things I was also passionate about. Things like cultivating community, educating her followers, and sharing information based of her interests.

I decided oh, what the heck and wrote her anyways. I wrote her a direct message explaining who I was and that I’d love to interview her for my female founder interview series. Surprise! She wrote me back and she sent me the most energetic email to follow up - I could feel her gregarious warmth through her words. We instantly became little pen pals and began chatting about more than just dogs.

Through the course of our email chain Christina shared with me about several tools and resources she uses to stay organized as an entrepreneur- things like Evernote (which I’m currently writing in) and Linktree for the Instagram bio link which allows you to showcase multiple links or blogs. What a blessing it is to have another gal in this space to talk with!

So, what’s the lesson here? Stop viewing people on a similar path as you as your competition. They are ON YOUR TEAM! Connecting with another female entrepreneur can actually boost your confidence. With someone else doing something similar you can learn from them and WITH them! How else do you get better and gain confidence? THROUGH LEARNING! There is enough room for ALL OF US to do what we love. I am so grateful to continue meeting such passionate, intelligent, hard working, beautiful, kind, and giving women. Real women. Such an honor. On to the interview shall we?

What is your business name?


Please provide your social media handles below (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc).

Instagram (@dailybarker), Facebook (@thedailybarker), Twitter (@thedailybarker), Pinterest (@dailybarker)

Tell us a bit about your background both personally and professionally.

I am originally from Indianapolis, IN, I met my entrepreneur husband right when I graduated college and my whole world changed. Not only because I met him and fell in love, but I also met Beau ("his" turned "our" Golden Retriever). I've always been a HUGE fan of pups, but meeting Beau changed my heart in the best ways.

Before we got married, we moved to San Diego, CA and are now settling into our new home in Nashville, TN with our Golden puppy, Nash. We live a pretty crazy life (we both run our own businesses) but I'm so grateful for it!

How did you get your idea or concept for the brand?

When my husband and I unexpectedly lost our Golden Retriever, Beau, at the end of 2015, our hearts were beyond shattered. Beau was our best friend and he did everything with us. I’d find myself scrolling Instagram, seeing the sweetest pups, and some how, that gave me peace. That’s when I decided to start the DailyBarker Instagram account. It warmed my heart knowing that just one post every day on DailyBarker could help bring joy to others in similar situations — or even others who just loved seeing cute pups each day on their Instagram feeds.

Tell us more about your brand and what you do!

DailyBarker has become a collaborative community on Instagram and through our blog ( On our Instagram channel (@dailybarker), I feature one photo daily from an account that has either submitted their photo or that I personally found on Instagram. Our submissions have grown significantly through the years and it has been so exciting to watch how excited the community gets when they see their photo as our daily featured photo.

For the DailyBarker blog, we have just about 40 contributors that come together to share their creative passions. Our contributors are from the US, Canada, UK, and Australia! I work with each contributor throughout the year to brainstorm blog content ideas, schedule out our yearly calendar (which is constantly being tweaked), and once the blog is live, promote it across the DailyBarker social channels.

When I started thinking about a blog, I knew it couldn't be "The Christina Show" - I'll be the first person to admit, my life is not that exciting, nor do I know everything (who does!). I thought the best option for this blog would be to create a collaborative space, where people from all walks of life could come together, share their passions and love for dogs, and encourage each other. After all, that's what the Instagram channel is - so collaboration just felt right.

Working with our contributors has been hands down, the most special part of this journey. I had wanted to start the blog for about a year, but I had no idea the great relationships I'd get from actually doing it. I ADORE (and that's no exaggeration) every single person I get to work with and am so grateful for their contributions to the community - but mostly their friendships. I just love them all.

Looking back would you do any thing different?

Yes and no! For the first 2 1/2 years of DailyBarker's existence, no one know who I was! Meaning, the community didn't know who the "person" was behind the account - that is until we launched the blog in June 2018. Looking back, I wish I would have put a "face" to the brand sooner. I'd tell my friends randomly about DailyBarker and they wouldn't believe me. So I'd have to log onto our account to "prove it". I'm sitting here laughing at all the weird looks they gave me when I'd show them.

As for the growth of DailyBarker, I've never pushed for more than I can take on and I am proud of that. It's easy to bite off more than you can chew and grow too big, too fast. I never wanted that. When DailyBarker started, it was from such a sweet place of joy, I never wanted it to turn into a stressful "to do" on my list. Until June, I was the only person who did anything with the account. Now of course, we have our contributors and a good friend of mine who tackles our blog editing and scheduling.

What is your favorite thing about being an entrepreneur?

Getting to meet and work with so many amazing people!

Share your favorite moment or moments while growing your business.

My favorite moment was the day we launched the blog - but for a few reasons! When I started DailyBarker, it was when we lost our Golden Beau. From the day Beau passed away, it took my husband and I 2 1/2 years to open our hearts and home to a new puppy. The day the DailyBarker blog launched was the same day we brought our new puppy Nash home. I wish I could say that timing was planned, but it wasn't. I felt like it was such a sweet "full circle" moment. (Looking back, I do not recommend bringing home an 8 week old puppy the day you launch something this big, but by the grace of the good Lord, I made it through, haha!)

What are some of the challenges of being an entrepreneur?

Being an entrepreneur, you have to figure out everything on your own. I definitely annoy my poor husband when I ask him questions, but it's how I learn (by asking). I'm so grateful I have him to ask though! Even though I'm sure he wishes I would Google more things. ;)

Being an entrepreneur, you experience the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. One day, you'll feel like you're getting it all right, the next day (or even that afternoon), you'll feel like everything is failing. That's normal. ;) This is why it's important to be surrounded by others in the same boat as you!

Advice for other entrepreneurs or those looking to get started?

Don't be afraid to be awkward or fail (because you will in some way and GUESS WHAT, life goes on!), surround yourself with other like-minded individuals (don't walk the entrepreneur road alone, because it can be lonely), create a daily schedule for yourself and do the best you can to stick to it, don't be afraid to push yourself out of your comfort zone, make friends in your niche, have fun and take time for yourself every. single. day.

How do you advertise your brand?

All our growth has been organic! I haven't done any advertising for DailyBarker! Of course, that will eventually change, but I'm so proud of how far the community has come on it's own!

How can clients reach you/Collaborate with you?

You can follow DailyBarker on Instagram (@dailybarker) and send me a DM! I check every single one or you can send an email to

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How sweet it is to be Swell Gelato for Dogs!


When Debbie Hendrickx from, Swell Gelato For Dogs, wrote me several months ago about an upcoming trip to San Diego to market her gelato I knew we had to go. Being an ice cream fanatic myself I assumed Pax followed in that passion. After meeting Debbie and trying the gelato myself I wanted to learn more about her incredibly delicious small business!! Being an entrepreneur I am always looking to connect with other founders - especially female founders. In a way they start to feel like co-workers. It’s fascinating to learn about how other people build their businesses and what drives them to get up everyday and keep at it! Below is a transcribed interview that I had with Debbie. Her contact information is included so make sure to check her out and try some gelato!

Please tell us a bit about your background both personally and professionally! 

“Growing up in Belgium I've had 2 passions my whole life. One came on when I was a teenager : fashion. The other I truly believe I was born with : dogs. I was lucky enough to have a career as a corporate buyer in the fashion world for 18 years but not nearly as lucky as when it came to an end. The closing of that first chapter allowed me to dip a toe in the second. That toe-dip quickly escalated to a full immersion and now my life is constantly covered in gelato and dog hair and I've never been happier.”

Please provide your social media handles below (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc).

FB :@swellgelatofordogs , IG @swellgelatofordogs Twitter @doggelato

How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

“After my retail career ended in 2016 I wanted to just take the summer off from work and stress and only do things I liked. I love gelato making and I love dogs and the idea to make gelato for dogs literally hit me in the middle of the night. Swell was one of my favorite yet greatly underused words so Swell, gelato for dogs was born. I bought a gelato cart and spent my summer in the local dog parks thinking it was just going to be a temporary and fun summer thing to do.”

Tell us more about your business and what you do!

“I make my artisanal gelatos for dogs just as if I would make them for my family and friends. I use simple yet only the highest quality ingredients and taste-test everything along the way. The result is a luxurious dessert that our furry friends can truly appreciate. It's probably a little over the top but I consider our dogs not only our best friends but also our family.”

Looking back would you do any thing different?


“Growing up, I never thought I'd end up in the USA and 15 years ago, I would have never guessed where I'd be 10 years ago. 5 years ago I would have not begun to imagine that I'd be making gelato for dogs and who knows where I will be in 10 years. So, the short answer would be no, because every step we take gets us to exactly where we are today.”

“It's all encompassing. It's financially uncomfortable . It's constantly living in the unknown.”

Advice for other entrepreneurs or those looking to get started?

Be financially prepared but don't be afraid to take a chance

How do you advertise your business?

“I love being part of social media dog central communities. It's like a family of kindred spirits that all have such amazing love for their pets. As often as I can I try to get out and meet the dogs and their owners . I let word of mouth do most of my advertising but sometimes I dabble in social media advertising.”

How can clients reach you?


Is there anything else you'd like for us to know?

“Buy your pup a gelato, they will think you are so swell.”