Do You Know How Powerful Your Thoughts Are?

Have you ever noticed that when you decide on the car you want you begin to see everywhere?

Or when you start dreaming about becoming a business owner and all the people you begin to come in contact with are on that path too?

Our thoughts are extremely powerful - most of the time we don’t even recognize the weight they carry in our lives. They can be the stem of our greatness and the anchor to our anxiety.

When we can push past the mind games and trust ourselves to just take one step forward beautiful things can come together.

I truly believe that  once we decide what’s next for us the universe conspires to support our next step. I think it’s a mix of perseverance & magic that make things happen. 


Have you heard the phrase “your thoughts become your reality?” well that’s exactly what happened to this week’s founder Kelly Callaghan owner of Slay Beauty Bar, Spray Tan Class, and now host to the live event & podcast Wake Up To Level Up.

Kelly shared in our blog interview that she was determined to get out of her 9-5 cubical lifestyle and in order to do that she knew she needed to figure out a way to support herself.

She wrote a bunch of ideas out in her journal about 4 years before she started her business and within a matter of 2 years Kelly had grown her baby mobile spray tanning business into an international multi-six figure business.


Kelly mentions that our minds will play tricks on us telling us things like we aren’t good enough, smart enough, experienced enough and in order to fight through it you gotta believe in yourself and take action towards your goals.

Besides these juicy tidbits Kelly shares that she has grown outside of her business as well. Learning to set personal boundaries, diving deep into self- love, and connecting herself to other women who support her highest self. In order to stay at this high vibration Kelly meditates and practices self care. She also recognizes she is only as good as her team and delegates certain tasks to other people in order to reach her goals faster. Over the years she has learned how to create her own systems which in turn she has taught to others which have now made an international presence!

Can’t wait for you to soak up the goodness of Kelly Ann, she truly is an inspiration! If you are looking to know more about Kelly or get in to touch with her about her event, Wake Up to Level Up in 2020 reach out to her via instagram!

Without further ado, Kelly Callaghan!

What is YOUR story!? Tell us a bit about your background both personally and professionally.

After years of working in sales/marketing for multiple telecommunications companies, I realized my alignment with my true beliefs/values/perception was off. 

During those six years of working for corporate, I found myself constantly obsessing over having a "free life". A life where I didn't have to ask for permission to take days off. A life where I could have TRUE impact on others and on myself because I was finally living on purpose instead of on accident. 


I knew I was made for more than a cubicle 9-5 lifestyle. I wanted to travel the world, to connect with new faces and to undoubtedly love what I do for a "living".

It wasn't until I found myself in tears for a week straight WHILE sitting in my cubicle that I was forced to jump into the drivers seat and take action FOR my life.

That week I made the decision to quit my job and booked a few one-way tickets to places I've dreamed of exploring and dove all in to consciously creating my life.

It was through those solo travel experiences that I gained the confidence and guidance to realize that I truly was the creator of my existence now and forever.

Slowly, I started to chip away at the limiting beliefs that kept my boxed up for so many years. I started playing intentional games with myself to see how far I could expand.

"What if I saw my big, bold dreams as attainable?"

"What if I took the steps forward to have FUN and to live life with purpose and intention rather than on accident?"

"What if I could be the woman of my own dreams so that I could attract the right people, places, things, experiences into my life?"

"What if I stopped playing small and WENT ALL IN?"

68263554_10220323764023958_4515769576117501952_n (1).jpg

After playing around the world for 18 months, I decided that I wanted this type of freedom more than I wanted anything else. 

I made the decision to take the leap and jump into building my own business so I could be MY OWN BOSS and I could say YES to the things that truly made my happy and fulfilled.

I took the last few grand I had saved up and invested it into a mobile spray tanning business.

With no knowledge of business, it was a bit risky but I knew that I had the grit, the intelligence and the drive to figure it out as I went.

I didn't have all the answers. I didn't even know who to turn to to ask for help.

All I knew was that I had this undeniable hunger to create a life worth living and that, to me, was more important than anything else.

Through much trial and error, messy mistakes, overwhelm and stress, I managed to pull through each obstacle that temporarily held me back from the next level of mastering this thing called entrepreneurship.

With each mistake and "failure", I got better.

With each person saying "what the ---- are you doing?" I got more lit up and inspired.

With each disappointment or rejection, I found redirection into a better space/situation.

Within a matter of 2 years I had grown this baby mobile spray tanning business into an international multi-six figure business. 

Through BELIEF, perseverance, passion, dedication and an understanding that NO ONE was going to do this for me and that I had to take 100% responsibility for my own life, I was able to make massive internal and external shifts.

I saw loop holes in an industry that was just starting to gain massive momentum. I filled those holes and solved those problems with solutions for clients. When I shifted from personal gain to global change and outward impact, I became "successful". Not only monetarily but I became more fulfilled because I had found that I had a passion for CONNECTING with others and helping others achieve their own dreams.

Today, I own a salon in San Diego (Slay Beauty Bar), I have 12 women in the United States and Canada conducting spray tan trainings (Spray Tan Class), I hold group spray tan trainings throughout North America (Slay The Spray), I hold live events for women in business who are ready to WAKE UP TO LEVEL UP in mindset + business (Wake Up To Level Up) while running all my social media accounts - YouTube, Wake Up To Level Up Podcast, IG, FB Groups, etc.

I am a busy woman. BUT, I am pulled by passion - not pushed by need/ego/money. It all comes from a place of WANTING to make massive impact and I LOVE (most of) every second of it! :) 

How did you get your idea or concept for your business?

Great question! I wrote a bunch of ideas out in my journal approx. 4 years before I started my business. I believe it came from my background working at a tanning salon and doing research on low barrier businesses.


Tell us more about your business and what you do!

I oversee operations for Slay Beauty Bar where we help women feel even more luxurious through spray tanning, teeth whitening and eyelash extension services.

I run Spray Tan Class which is composed of a group of women who are eager to help other women learn how to spray tan or advance their career in the spray tanning industry. 

I also hold powerful experiences through live events and retreats called Wake Up To Level Up to help women in business "step into their Goddess" and find power from within.

Looking back would you do anything different?

I would ask for help more, make better decisions on investments, slow down to speed up and hire a coach for certain things I needed help with.


What is your favorite thing about being an entrepreneur?

FREEDOM and the fact that I can tap into my creativity at all moments. 

Share your favorite moment or moments while growing your business.

Seeing the women in person at Wake Up to Level Up has been absolutely my favorite part of being an entrepreneur so far. So many amazing, beautiful people all inspired to be better. It took my breath away.

What are some of the challenges of being an entrepreneur?

Wearing a lot of hats. Overwhelm. Stress. Moments where you question and doubt yourself. It takes a lot of grit and a lot of patience and faith to be an entrepreneur but I have all of that and learning how to be better every day.

What about some of the challenges you face as a female entrepreneur?

Being that I mainly work with women, I don't have many challenges solely based on the fact that I am a female in business. Maybe the cattiness that can surface? Other women telling me I am not good enough because I only have this many months or years of experience? It doesn't seem challenging to me anymore because I stand true and strong in the person I am today. No one and nothing can impose their own beliefs on me because I am stronger than that now and I know I come from a genuine and secure place.

Advice for other other female entrepreneurs or those looking to get started?

Jump. Now. Don't wait. Don't overthink. Just do. 

You will figure it out as you go along. 

Ask for help, don't overextend yourself and do what FEELS RIGHT in your heart. 

Your mind will play tricks on you. Telling you you aren't good enough, smart enough, experienced enough.

Everything that has ever existed began with a thought.

It is possible if you BELIEVE and take inspired action to go towards your goals.

Be kind to yourself and others. Do what's right. Never do it just for the money. Do it to make change and to help others. 

What is your favorite quote?

What if you lived ALL OUT?

How do you avoid burnout?

Meditate. Delegate. Systems. Ask for help.

We know all entrepreneurs work differently. How do you schedule your day?

Trying to become more of a planner/organizer. I try to start with body movement/meditation in the morning, online work after that, lunch, me time and do my creative work when I feel inspired.

What are your MUST have tools?! (things like organization, calendars, social media, payment platforms, business development sources...etc.)

IG, YouTube, FB Group, PayPal, WordPress, LearnDash, WooComm, so many!

How do you advertise your brand?

Social Media

Is there anything else you'd like for us to know?

Would love to connect on my podcast Wake Up To Level Up + on IG! Keep GLOWING, ladies!

I met Kelly several years ago when she was just starting her business. It’s been such a pleasure watching her journey unfold. A huge take away from Kelly’s story is that we must lean on ourselves and trust ourselves to make decisions. This sentiment reminded me of female founder, Bre Thomas, who shared the same thing. She mentioned that one of the most challenging (and rewarding) things that she has discovered from entrepreneurship is trusting herself when making decisions.

Kelly has done this time and time again as she has continued to evolve her business and take it to the next level. I’m so excited for her podcast interview and the juicy tidbits & strategies you’ll learn from her.

If you have any comments & questions please leave a comment below!

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