Your dog's purpose 

A dog’s purpose is different for everyone. For me, my dog’s purpose is to ground me in the present in order to hear my inner desires and passions. Pax absolutely changed my life and I’m excited to share with all of you how he did. I learned a fluff ton about life, raising a puppy, and most importantly about myself. Everyday we receive so many questions from people all over the world and people sharing how their dog’s purpose helped shape who they are today. It has been such a joy to be able to support others, relate to those in the same place in life, and hear their own story. So here is your chance to share your journey with your pup! 


Julie & Leo

We lost our 13 year old Maltese in a traumatic situation back in November 2017. This dog had been with me through so many triumphs and tribulations in my life- a true partner in crime, and his loss left me with  a huge hole in my heart that time didn't completely repair.


Michelle & Kenobi

I quickly found that life in NYC is much like it is depicted in the movies; I was working two jobs, along with going to grad school full-time.  I had no friends and my family was not as easily accessible as I had originally thought. The first year, I was extremely home sick and finding it hard to emotionally survive.  I would even sometimes cry on the train on the way to work, concerned that I had made the biggest mistake of my life.


Katie & charlie 

About 7 years I started having major back pain that made me miss my freshman and sophomore year of high school. I was very athletic and all that came crashing down when I couldn't even get off the couch.