About 7 years I started having major back pain that made me miss my freshman and sophomore year of high school. I was very athletic and all that came crashing down when I couldn't even get off the couch. I was told by my doctor that I had a UPJ blockage, which caused my kidney to hold fluid in return caused the back pain. I was in and out of hospitals all around the Chicago area having multiple surgeries. The surgeries fixed the kink but the pain never went away so I was referred to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. I was being treated at a chronic pain rehab program that was a month long so I had to stay in MN. While there I was also treated for anorexia. The past seven years have been very rough and life-changing, I have constantly been sick with multiple diseases and doctors keep telling me they aren't sure what is wrong until just recently in October I was told I have been on way too many antibiotics that my body had no good bacteria to fight off an infection. I had major sinus issues and well and finally the third surgery performed at Mayo Clinic fixed that issue forever (hopefully). So enough about the sad news let me move on to the best puppy that has ever entered my life... I got Charlie back in November of 2017 as an emotional support animal - she is about 8 in a half months old and has changed my life forever. I got Charlie because I was alone, sad, and hit rock bottom with all my health issues. Charlie has made me look at life in a way I didn't think was possible. She has shown me how to live in the moment, overcome fear with love, don't ever ever ever hold grudges, play time, snack time, and NAP time EVERYDAY, jump for joy and give kisses when you are happy or see someone you love/wanna meet, enjoy the journey, drink water to stay healthy, and most importantly love unconditionally no matter what life throws at you. Even though Charlie has only been in my life for a little and not much of when I have been sick - she has helped me heal and has helped me become a happy healthy 21 year old. I love exploring with Charlie, taking her places, meeting new dog parents, and lifted me up when I am done. Something that has touched my heart in a way that I didn't think was possible with a dog is that she understands when I am down or not feeling well and will sit next to me put her paw on me and just give me kisses and a look of care. I never grew up with a dog so I never got to understand what people meant when they say a dog is a mans best friend but now I can officially say Charlie is my number one and will always be my baby girl. I can't wait to keep exploring life with her at my side and watching my baby grow.