Below are the services that Paxology offers.

Influencer & Brand Strategy Coaching 

Business coaching with Paxology provides business coaching to small, medium, and large businesses who are ready to make an impact on their businesses. 

  • Feeling stuck on your next steps? We can help you develop both short and long term goals for your brand/business.

  • Need help creating the voice of your brand? We have services that will help discover it.

  • Do you see a million influencers out there and want to be one yourself but don’t know how to start? We offer social media consulting for blog writing/conception/support, instagram influencer education and coaching.

  • Have a great post but hesitant to post because you don’t have a caption? We can help you craft this and future posts as well.

  • Struggling to produce strong content on your posts? We provide consultation on your brand and how to build engaging content.

  • Using an iPhone vs a Camera? Have questions about photo quality content? Getting the perfect photo can be extremely challenging but when you know how to do it and plan ahead you can develop an excellent visual esthetic of your page

  • Unsure of how to communicate and take charge? We offer leadership development coaching and provide a tool box of skills to take into running your business effectively.

  • Want to leave your job but don’t know anything about starting your own business? We offer business foundational resources to get started.

  • Feeling lost on how to market yourself on Instagram? Like using hashtags, tagging, or being involved in an engagement group? We offer you CUSTOMIZED marketing strategies for your brand!

  • It’s hard to balance a growing business and a real life! We give you the solutions on how to do this well!

  • Shy to meet new people or unsure of how to network? We offer tools and tips on how to network and grow brand awareness. Additionally, we provide communication tips and guidance on building relationships for your business.

  • Communication is key. Practice and role playing with a coach will turn into confidence. Whether it’s about getting paid for a sponsored post or developing your business strategy we can help you find your voice.

  • Scared of rejection? Our proven sales techniques and trainings will help you build confidence and learn how to reach out, build, and maintain relationships that can turn into income.

Paxology Life Coaching

Paxology life coaching helps individuals define their identity and create solutions to reach their goals. We inspire individuals to actually live the life they dream about through many different strategies and techniques. Life coaching can include:  

  • stress reduction

  • goal setting

  • time management techniques

  • communication enhancement

  • mindfulness training

  • purpose and passion trainings

  • resolve issues such as depression, anxiety, career obstacles, relationship disputes

  • identify negative thought patterns and unproductive beliefs

  • healing from past trauma

  • confidence boosting

Puppy Mama Coaching

Whether you are in the market to get a dog, you have a dog and you're pulling out your hair, or you need general advice, puppy mama coaching can help you in the following ways. 

  • Building your instagram around your pup

  • Increasing confidence with taking your pup out

  • Preparing for your puppy

  • Puppy mama mindset

  • How to build relationships with other dog moms

  • Roles and responsibilities with your partner

  • Balancing your life with your new fur child

  • Making time for YOU #momguilt

  • Getting creative with your pup both for YOU and with them.

  • All things puppy tips - what research should you do?

  • Are you ready to get a dog? We can talk about it.

  • Preparing to leave your pup at home

  • Creating a bond with your dog

  • Being out in public with your dog

  • Taking quality photos with your dog

  • Dog mom training 101

    Live events, doodle romps, wine parties, group coaching available upon request.