Pax the dood


After waiting 10 months on a waitlist we finally got a call that it was our turn to get a puppy! I felt a range of emotions like panic, worry, excitement...but mostly I felt an immense amount of gratitude and happiness. What it brought me was a sense of peace. In the midst of all the tragedy and horrific news (the Las Vegas shooing was a few days before Pax was born) the phone call we got was a reminder that there was still such good in the world. And as much as it feels like things are falling apart sometimes little puppies are being born everyday! We vetoed so many names, nothing seemed to fit. We wanted a reminder every single day to be present, positive, kind, and carry a still heart in a world of turbulence. We searched high and low for words that fulfilled our hearts until we landed on the perfect one, Pax which means peace in Latin. 

Here are some stats on @paxthedood:

Pax is an F1 mini Goldendoodle.

He is 50% retriever 50% poodle.

He does not shed and weighs 35 pounds.

Pax is part of the Copper Canyon Doodle family located in Utah.

Pax is 14 months old.

He is an emotional support animal and has as an amazing temperament.

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