I have always been a research nut. Not particularly in a academic way but more so in a google everything to learn more way. My husband and I decided to get a dog in 2017 and although I grew up with dogs, I knew nothing about raising them. Before Pax came I collected blog posts, pinterest pins, googled endless pages about “your new puppy”, asked every one I knew if they had any advice. I purchased all the goods before he got here and felt extremely prepared. When Pax came home I had the fortune of working from home for the first two weeks with him and learned a lot about being a stay at home dog mom :) It’s a lot of fun, it’s a lot of work, and there are lots of learning lessons. Pax has such a personality that I wanted to capture everything. Partly because my husband does not have a flexible job and I wanted him to experience what I was. So I started making videos and taking pictures.

A funny thing started happening as the account grew, people asked me for advice. All of a sudden I was getting hundreds of messages about raising pax and growing my Instagram. With my coaching background I recognized that other people would benefit from the research I collected from the experts, my own life lessons, and learning along the way while having a central place to find it. I have been fortunate enough to work with some incredible influencers and growing brands on their social strategy while helping them accomplish their goals.

{Leader of the} Pax which means peace in Latin has resulted in multiple meanings. #1: Choosing to follow our passions and become congruent to our life purpose will channel more peace, more confidence, and more passion! #2: I am Pax’s leader and he is also mine. He taught me to follow my heart, tune into my intuition, and to believe in myself. He has taught me what it is to be actually present, to be grateful, and to always be kind. #3: Leader of the Pax is exactly as it sounds. My job is to help you become the leader of the pack in your world. Whether that is in your social media presence, increasing brand awareness, strategizing in your startup, crafting goals, and breaking barriers - it’s all the same.

With my help- you can become the leader of the pax.